You're beautiful...

Gigi Love 2014-10-03

Caution yellow! :)

my nameis 2014-06-10

Lol that was like.. the ring

Jenna Ganske 2014-06-04

Omg I was lookig at those first pair of shoes u held up but they were too expensive, even on eBay. I got some cute neon yellow and pink shoes tho. Was excited cuz I wanted to wear neon colors. I finally found some somewhat cute workout clothes in my size too but I cannot wait Til I can finally fit in underarmour again. They're stuff is great.

LysMyMiss 2013-05-11

im just being honest honey don't get all booty hurt about it ! its a complement not a dis ! :-)

SirJones Fitness 2013-01-04

I love your attitude, :) You always seem so happy and cheerful. C:

ChillBrahh808 2012-07-11

woow, I bet you spend a lot on it

Guywithgreatname 2012-07-25

The reversible ones, haha what workout did you do to lose the weight? Seen the videos just haven't seen what you did to lose the weight! & I agree I got the clothes for same reason!

Kaysi Donadio 2013-01-16

haha 'that was like..the ring' lol I love this!! you should go through one by one..nevermind that would take days. lol I love your videos you're so awesome!

Diffy 2012-08-21

i bet alot more guys try and fuck you than b4 great job !

SirJones Fitness 2013-01-02

Omg I def agree with you.! I myself think it's more fun wearing clothes you like lol I love shopping and when I buy new work out shorts, shoes, or shirts I get more excited to work out :D

Little Queensbury 2012-06-23

8-you suck you stomach in for every video..haha

Carlos Lopez 2012-06-09

Great job!!! Damn you look good what a transformation;)

David Medina 2012-08-07


haylaebay 2012-06-19

Love the colors I'm so used to wearing darks to the gym

justher86 2012-07-06

this is unfair i wanttttttt all your clothes !!

kamille xo 2012-10-21

Do you miss any bit of it at all i know this is a dumb question but being thicker your butt is bigger i mean unless you have a boyfriend who is satisfied with it thats great:) other than that congrats!

Jake Stephens 2012-06-27

Thank you Laura! Thank you for being you & a big thank you for helping women all over the world to gain motivation from your transformation videos. Keep it up.

Kyle Rogers 2012-06-13

Love your clothes!! I would be way more motivated to workout if my clothes were that cute!!

jessinlove2004 2012-08-31

i love you how long did it take you to lose weight like to get to 145

mia654cooliscute 2012-07-06

What is with you people posting negative comments...Jealous much? Do you think saying stupid things is going to make you a better person? No.

ChelseaSeaSea 2012-06-16

hey Im a girl who weighed 87kgs (191 lbs) back in Jan. 4mnths ive lost bout 10kgs, atm im at 76kg (167 lbs), I keep goin back to your vids and site 4 motivation coz ur startin point was about the same as mine and my goal is to get ripped, How long did it take you to get to your goal b4 u started toning or mainting?. just wanna know so that I keep motivated. + did u have troubles working out in winter because im in Australia n its startin to get colder here so im scared im gonna get lazy.

yeahmarina 2012-06-04

I have the latest Acsis neon shoes!!!! They don't look like they match!!! each shoe is a different colour!!! I LOVE them!!!! I LOVE bright colours too!!!

AnaMia85 2012-12-21

Love your collection !!

Dawn Cooksey 2012-07-01

Ummm shes doing a figure compitition.. Which means shes GAINING muscle mass, certainly not losing any. You obviously havent been following her videos.

michellenn93 2012-06-11
Click Play to see how Laura
lost 42 lbs... so far!