why are you always in your underwear...???

roughrider2100 2014-06-22

Honestly, this is the girl who inspired me to lose weight. I've already lost 20 pounds so far! Love you Laura!

Luna Llena 2014-07-31

You look fantastic!! You will be my inspiration :)

Gabriela Pantoja 2014-10-06


Brianna Hawkins 2014-09-24

Congrats! You look sexy...

bestbuydeals 2014-09-16

how can you get so toned? Please share

sakurapompom 2014-09-12

Love your little cakes!

Honz Scott 2014-09-09

Why are people so hateful and mean? Some of your comments are just rude and a true reflection of your lack of happiness. If someone feels good enough about themselves to make videos they should. There is nothing at all wrong with this girl and she should be proud of herself.

Reginald Roberts 2014-09-05

It looks like she's sucking in because she has good posture and holds her shoulders up

Olivia Mahony 2014-05-20

Love your little cakes!

Honz Scott 2014-09-09

My friend Tony Croutch is perfect for you. He runs marathons, fun, good guy. Google+ him.

Gamer Tact 2014-08-05

Damn 😘

alexander vintimilla 2014-08-06

Good job !!!! I hope to loose wait two

Kyler Westbury 2014-05-09

you look great

Jackie R 2014-05-03

This other channel put up your video, and says it's you, :( Idk if you already know about it but, yea if you search: "Lean Mean Weight Loss" they copied one of your weight loss vids and put it up as your own. I would look into that! 

Anastasia Catechis 2014-03-31

Good job!! Im down to 190 &cant get lower!!

destiney gutierrez 2014-07-03

Oh my God! :O You are soo skinny :)) I adore you *o* :)) I wish one day I look like you :D :,(

draggyzation 2013-12-31

Congrats! You look amazing.

Cococream T 2014-06-15

Great job.

Brian Foster 2014-06-06

Ive looked all over your channel, what did you do to lose the weight and what is the time frame that you did?

ListenToTheSigns 2014-03-26

you're seriously amazing. Hope you're maintaining your weight loss. I've lost 70lbs before & I'm always fluctuating too. Good job! :)

sanityassassin119 2014-02-20

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Dallas 2014-05-30

Congratulations. How'd you do it? You look amazing. I need to lose 40 lbs bye for now

Mike Sereny 2014-01-29

u did it. fuck all the haters

lanie hill 2014-01-23

Do you make these mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Copy and paste into google Fat Blast Factor to find out.

yashodha kattel 2014-01-20
Click Play to see how Laura
lost 42 lbs... so far!