why are you always in your underwear...???

roughrider2100 2014-06-22

It looks like she's sucking in because she has good posture and holds her shoulders up

Olivia Mahony 2014-05-20

Damn 😘

alexander vintimilla 2014-08-06

My friend Tony Croutch is perfect for you. He runs marathons, fun, good guy. Google+ him.

Gamer Tact 2014-08-05

Honestly, this is the girl who inspired me to lose weight. I've already lost 20 pounds so far! Love you Laura!

Luna Llena 2014-07-31

Good job !!!! I hope to loose wait two

Kyler Westbury 2014-05-09

you look great

Jackie R 2014-05-03

Good job!! Im down to 190 &cant get lower!!

destiney gutierrez 2014-07-03

This other channel put up your video, and says it's you, :( Idk if you already know about it but, yea if you search: "Lean Mean Weight Loss" they copied one of your weight loss vids and put it up as your own. I would look into that! 

Ana Cat 2014-03-31

Congrats! You look amazing.

Cococream T 2014-06-15

Great job.

Brian Foster 2014-06-06

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Dallas 2014-05-30

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Krishna Pramod 2014-04-24

Oh my God! :O You are soo skinny :)) I adore you *o* :)) I wish one day I look like you :D :,(

draggyzation 2013-12-31

Ive looked all over your channel, what did you do to lose the weight and what is the time frame that you did?

ListenToTheSigns 2014-03-26

you're seriously amazing. Hope you're maintaining your weight loss. I've lost 70lbs before & I'm always fluctuating too. Good job! :)

sanityassassin119 2014-02-20

Congratulations. How'd you do it? You look amazing. I need to lose 40 lbs bye for now

Mike Sereny 2014-01-29

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Jeem Bean 2014-01-25

u did it. fuck all the haters

lanie hill 2014-01-23

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yashodha kattel 2014-01-20

Renew your website otherwise it'll get deleted :(((( you'll regret it later when you're a big shtarrr in Hollywood ;)

Plutonium Lizzard 2014-01-01

i weigh the same as u and my height is 5'6, and i do not even look skinny. i need to lose my belly fat and thats it.

Antoinette Marie 2013-12-27

Reginaldo Silva 2013-12-26

Great job, Laura! You have an awesome body. But please don't obsess over weight lose and don't lose any more weight. As a hetero guy (yes, there are a few of us left our here!) I gotta tell you that super-lean muscular six-pack tummies and ripped muscles are a turn-off for us. We want what you are RIGHT NOW at 145.....gorgeous.....absolutely gorgeous!!

JackKangaroo1 2013-12-22

how did u lose weight im 190 and nothing

Destiny Maldonado 2013-12-16
Click Play to see how Laura
lost 42 lbs... so far!