your BMI would be 12 to 14 % at your weight.. when you start seeing your stomache.. just and FYI

oh really 2015-03-29

Anyone know how tall she is? That makes a big difference what certain weights look like

Hannah Janel 2015-02-17

Honestly, this is the girl who inspired me to lose weight. I've already lost 20 pounds so far! Love you Laura!

Luna Llena 2014-07-31

She looked good from the start! It's cool she wanted to loose some weight to be healthier, but she looked good before. She looks great now, but she shouldn't think she was not pretty before!

Tyson Cole 2015-02-06

KETOSIS diet and fighter diet.. you can do this ladies..

oh really 2015-03-29

goals :(

Vikki W 2015-03-09

I'm 143 pounds but I look more like your before pictures but a little thinner but I look nothing like u do now my goal is to get down to 110 pounds I'm 163 cm tall or 5 foot 3 

Angel Creations 2014-12-15

Damn,you look amazing, what a fine girl you are, it's great you realized being overweight is not good and you are just good enough to eat, i saw your thumbnail and i was impressed, glad i clicked, again you are FINE, LOVE YOU

choloscuinc 2014-12-13

Why are people so hateful and mean? Some of your comments are just rude and a true reflection of your lack of happiness. If someone feels good enough about themselves to make videos they should. There is nothing at all wrong with this girl and she should be proud of herself.

Reginald Roberts 2014-09-05

Every time when I come back to losing weight / weight training, I just watch some of Laura's old videos for motivation. Holidays around the corner ;)

Miguel Cedano 2014-11-12

You do look great. You look dead slim with a toned stomach. One thing though, how come you're sucking you stomach in this video? You look phenomenol. No need for you to suck it in.

246madhatter 2015-01-03

You look fantastic!! You will be my inspiration :)

Gabriela Pantoja 2014-10-06

Wow!!! You are truly an inspiration!! I have the same body as your before pictures. I weigh 140 pounds and I'm 1.65 centimetres. Could you share some tips? Your height maybe and the total time it took you to reach your goal. Still shocked by your AMAZING transformation :) 

Nikki Scott 2014-11-04

My friend Tony Croutch is perfect for you. He runs marathons, fun, good guy. Google+ him.

Gamer Tact 2014-08-06

why are you always in your underwear...???

roughrider2100 2014-06-22

Congrats! You look sexy...

bestbuydeals 2014-09-16

AMAZING result ! You are looking absolutely GORGEOUS Many young women would look just as you are now.

yogibeertje2 2014-12-28

Oh my God! :O You are soo skinny :)) I adore you *o* :)) I wish one day I look like you :D :,(

draggyzation 2013-12-31

how can you get so toned? Please share

sakurapompom 2014-09-12


Brianna Hawkins 2014-09-25

Love your little cakes!

Honz Scott 2014-09-09

Good job!! Im down to 190 &cant get lower!!

destiney gutierrez 2014-07-03

Love your little cakes!

Honz Scott 2014-09-09

Great job.

Brian Foster 2014-06-07

Good job !!!! I hope to loose wait two

Kyler Westbury 2014-05-09
Click Play to see how Laura
lost 42 lbs... so far!