Wish my girlfriend would loose weight. Shes weights less yet has flabs and sags. Am fit and the only reason I dated her was because she made it sound as if she was going to loose weight. In the three months she worked out fucking twice, wit no intensity. Then she eats more than me. I hint nicely maybe we should run together after she broke a sweat running not even half a block to catch a bus. Her laziness is unattractive. 

TheBomblee 2015-02-04

You're pretty lucky because even at 190 you didn't look too bad and weren't really flabby, I'm 5'7 and was 190 after I had my daughter but it looked much worse on me because my stomach was loose and flabby and hung down. Yuck. 

coachcinderswella 2015-02-03

honey you are not 38 percent in body fat, omg 

mihaela cristina 2014-11-04

A lot of women wear the wrong underwear size, both in the pants and bra. Too tight underwear accentuates large hips in a negative way. Larger sized briefs help to give a better silhouette before the weight loss. 

Nicolle Bethany 2015-01-03

I think your ass looks great in those panties. Very sexy.

J. Boyle 2015-01-24

I thought it was my body...!!!!!😱😱 I just started woking out though

Tomoko Malik 2014-11-27

Lmao men need to stop being pigs 

Rio Platinum 2015-01-25

okay if you need to lose weight why uploading a video telling more then 1.5 million people that you are fat, we get it can you remove your pantie please.

David jacoo 2014-12-13

5'6 + 190 pounds + before picture = BS .... with those stats you would look like a fat freak. you were not so bad

SNKeSport 2014-12-12

I think she looks cute, your body is fine hun.

SirDidymus Framboises 2014-10-25

I think she looks just right.

Archangel 2014-02-09

Before looked pretty good IMO. 

Mike D 2014-06-27

the first one looks way better in bed! No offense I'm just saying 

Louis Gonzalez 2014-10-08

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John Christensen 2014-08-11

Ohhh my gosh I wish 190 looked that good on me girl!!! Your body is smokin'!!! I understand your not thrilled about it though so hope you slayed it!! 

Morgan Gilreath 2014-07-30

She looks smaller then 190 but l guess everyones body shape is different.

Rickysnotmyrealname88 2014-03-23

Have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.

myone 2014-10-22

no way youre 190

goodinsrt8 2014-01-19

she is quite sexy for 190lbs, im just sayin

jon ping 2014-03-18

Thanks for the nutt...would love to bust a fatty on those panties...

John Doe 2014-06-22

You are one sexy 200 pounder!

Jack Jackson 2014-06-19

She does not look 190 im 180 and look bigger than that plus im.5'7

Adriana Gutierrez 2014-05-07

wow i'm 20 and 5'6" and also 190 lbs (well now 188..yay i guess!). your story is SO inspiring and personally speaks to me. thanks so much for your videos, they're really, really helping me stay motivated!

emilyunderscoremarie 2013-12-15

Omg this is sexy as fuck that's defo a shaved pussy , yum 

saddam bin laden 2014-05-15

Just go and Google Skinnimaker System and you will find out why particular foods 'explode' in your stomach.

udara075 2014-04-03
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