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Nicolle Bethany 2015-01-03

I think your ass looks great in those panties. Very sexy.

J. Boyle 3 days ago

Lmao men need to stop being pigs 

Rio Platinum 3 days ago

I thought it was my body...!!!!!😱😱 I just started woking out though

Tomoko Malik 2014-11-27

honey you are not 38 percent in body fat, omg 

mihaela cristina 2014-11-04

okay if you need to lose weight why uploading a video telling more then 1.5 million people that you are fat, we get it can you remove your pantie please.

David jacoo 2014-12-13

5'6 + 190 pounds + before picture = BS .... with those stats you would look like a fat freak. you were not so bad

SNKeSport 2014-12-12

the first one looks way better in bed! No offense I'm just saying 

Louis Gonzalez 2014-10-08

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John Christensen 2014-08-11

Ohhh my gosh I wish 190 looked that good on me girl!!! Your body is smokin'!!! I understand your not thrilled about it though so hope you slayed it!! 

Morgan Gilreath 2014-07-30

I think she looks cute, your body is fine hun.

SirDidymus Framboises 2014-10-25

Have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.

myone 2014-10-22

no way youre 190

goodinsrt8 2014-01-19

she is quite sexy for 190lbs, im just sayin

jon ping 2014-03-18

Thanks for the nutt...would love to bust a fatty on those panties...

John Doe 2014-06-22

Before looked pretty good IMO. 

Mike D 2014-06-27

You are one sexy 200 pounder!

Jack Jackson 2014-06-19

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Dallas 2014-05-30

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Chatterton Milbourn 2013-11-07

She does not look 190 im 180 and look bigger than that plus im.5'7

Adriana Gutierrez 2014-05-07

wow i'm 20 and 5'6" and also 190 lbs (well now 188..yay i guess!). your story is SO inspiring and personally speaks to me. thanks so much for your videos, they're really, really helping me stay motivated!

emilyunderscoremarie 2013-12-15

She looks smaller then 190 but l guess everyones body shape is different.

Rickysnotmyrealname88 2014-03-23

Omg this is sexy as fuck that's defo a shaved pussy , yum 

saddam bin laden 2014-05-15

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udara075 2014-04-03
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