You looked great before, you look great now as well. Im 5'4, 170lbs and have stretch marks, and am not firm at all. So you are lucky. 

OliviaGrace 2014-09-10

How is she 145? I'm 5'10, 130, and pretty muscly. o.O She looks smaller than me! Maybe it's the boobs and ass? No way she can be 145. She's smaller than I am. o.O Unless she's like 6'2 tall. o.O

Solace Creat 1 days ago

You look great...

roberto Fernandez 2014-10-10

You just inspired me! I used to be 140lbs a year ago. I'm 5'5, and 170lbs now. I stopped working out and started eating more junk. I am currently getting back on to healthy life. I am going to post videos like this. This Sunday. So people, head on over and support me! lol

El B 2014-10-09

Both are good but the left is waaaaay better

Geeksquad59 2014-06-01

How tall are you though, cause I fluctuate from 180-170 and I feel like I look way bigger then you do at 190. I am 5'2 and trying to get down to 120-130 I used to be over 200lbs 

Sarah Daniels 2014-04-24

"You look better on the left" (In reality dates girls that look like her at the right)

Sky onia 2014-06-29

Looked more womanly on the left. Looks like a ladyboy now. Congrats. Hope it was worth it

Delmo Hopkins 2014-04-14

How did u lose all that weight and how long did it take 

Meghan Gonzalez 2014-10-09

I like it b4 n after.

ronaldo77782 2014-09-21

Very beautiful body on the right, toned, perfect. That said my aesthetic preference is more like the left. You do seem very sporty and capable on the right though which is awesome.

JonJon95GT 2014-09-21

Do people not realize that obesity is a disease and very detrimental to one's health? Majority of Americans: Stupid and obese. 

Joshua Overstreet 2014-08-27

Very Impressive! Good Job!! 

Michael Fedoseyev 2014-08-16

You look good i weight 145 but look fat! 😢

Maria Rodarte 2014-08-08

Im as big as you use to be, can you give me some tips on losing 20 pounds??

Haley Blackburn 2014-02-14

Truly amazing!

cindy chan 2014-07-27

You're freaking sexy THICK 

Bruce Soto 2014-07-17

I just wanted to say congratulations on the weight lost. Amazing I am currently 210 pounds and my goal weight is 145. Did you have a trainer? and did you change your eating style too? and ignore the ignorant assholes commenting because you did an amazing job making yourself comfortable in your skin. So GO YOU!

mandymp16 2014-07-17

Who cares if you touch your underwear to much??that doesnt make u slutty!! Ppl r just jealous

destiney gutierrez 2014-07-10

Love your confidence in both vids. Shows you did this for you and no one else. You just motivated me to get my ass back in gear! Thanks x

1617christine 2014-07-09

You look hot in both but you looked hotter at 190

joecugo 2014-08-08

How tall r u

Alfred Sanders 2014-03-31

how long has this takin you all together 

angel piggles 2014-10-25

My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to melt fat with Fat Blast Furnace, but then I showed them the results. Go google Fat Blast Furnace to see their reaction.

Khusbu Shrestha 2014-10-19

I would actually rather fuck you when you were big. But gj

Rain Cross 2014-06-11
Click Play to see how Laura
lost 42 lbs... so far!