"You look better on the left" (In reality dates girls that look like her at the right)

Sky onia 2014-06-29

I went from a fat 250 to a slimmer 190 and personally i think heavier girls are more in demand 

Angelina Neibel 2015-01-23

Very beautiful body on the right, toned, perfect. That said my aesthetic preference is more like the left. You do seem very sporty and capable on the right though which is awesome.

JonJon95GT 2014-09-21

You looked great before, you look great now as well. Im 5'4, 170lbs and have stretch marks, and am not firm at all. So you are lucky. 

OliviaGrace 2014-09-10

Both are good but the left is waaaaay better

Geeksquad59 2014-06-01

In my opinion she wasn't really that big 10 pounds and she would look average but she wants to look healthy.Even skinney people need to eat healthy and exercise because they could have heart problems or even gain weight

Delaney Musselwhite 2015-01-08

You just inspired me! I used to be 140lbs a year ago. I'm 5'5, and 170lbs now. I stopped working out and started eating more junk. I am currently getting back on to healthy life. I am going to post videos like this. This Sunday. So people, head on over and support me! lol

Wookie 89 2014-10-09

Great job you are an inspiration! You look ok on the left but soo soo much better on the right that took hard work and dedication to get to that point..... Not everyone has this mindset for getting in shape to each their own 

Chris Archer 2014-12-07

Do people not realize that obesity is a disease and very detrimental to one's health? Majority of Americans: Stupid and obese. 

Joshua Overstreet 2014-08-27

people saying she looked fine on the left. Yes she may have, but she obviously didn't feel it! Plus she's gained health benefits from losing weight and she looks so happy- exact weight loss i'm after :) you look great!!! 

Shannon Kennedy 2015-01-25

I am currently weighting 180lb and I think you used to look much better than me. I am also in weight battle. I plan to loose at least 50lb.

Cheers happiness 2015-02-01

*Thank God I took a bit on that program you told me* *here.. cause I thought it was just another scam in the net* *but when I tried it myself. It was great! The program* *customizes my exact workout needs & take advantage of* *windows I have that will take me from skinny to jacked in hurry^^,*

TheWannaliveforever 2015-01-28

How is she 145? I'm 5'10, 130, and pretty muscly. o.O She looks smaller than me! Maybe it's the boobs and ass? No way she can be 145. She's smaller than I am. o.O Unless she's like 6'2 tall. o.O

Solace Creat 2014-11-22

Great job girl. Keep up the good eating and activity. You have probably extended your life many years and won't have as much pain and suffering in your life.

Heather M 2015-01-16

You're freaking sexy THICK 

Bruce Soto 2014-07-17

You looked cut before

pancho1576 2015-02-08

Before is better!!!!!!!!!!!

oldala Telt lányok 2015-01-19

nice job..

Matt Hoch 2015-01-27

You look great...

roberto Fernandez 2014-10-10

How tall are you though, cause I fluctuate from 180-170 and I feel like I look way bigger then you do at 190. I am 5'2 and trying to get down to 120-130 I used to be over 200lbs 

Sarah Daniels 2014-04-24


pancho1576 2015-02-09

I think all of these transformations are awesome. My only gripe is EVERYBODY wanting to be personal coaches for people meaning their all saying the same thing?. Do they get discounts or free stuff by recommending the program to others?

Ms. Alex 2014-05-29

How did u lose all that weight and how long did it take 

Meghan Gonzalez 2014-10-09

kianna curtishia 2015-01-12

I don't get why women worry about their weight when they are not fat. You were perfect at 190. Sure it was a little much for your height but you were very beautiful back then and still are now. Body image is crazy in this world.

Sha Gojō 2014-11-25
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