Im as big as you use to be, can you give me some tips on losing 20 pounds??

Haley Blackburn 2014-02-13

Looked more womanly on the left. Looks like a ladyboy now. Congrats. Hope it was worth it

Delmo Hopkins 2014-04-14

How tall are you though, cause I fluctuate from 180-170 and I feel like I look way bigger then you do at 190. I am 5'2 and trying to get down to 120-130 I used to be over 200lbs 

Sarah Daniels 2014-04-24

Great job!

Floyd V. Doc DeVore 2014-01-03

Both are good but the left is waaaaay better

Geeksquad59 2014-05-31

190 lb??? I have seen 180lb girls looking much worse than your body. Are you sure you were 190lb? It looks like 160lb

Beauty 2014-03-02

How tall r u

Alfred Sanders 2014-03-31

how do I choose a healthy weight loss plan? I need advice pleeease

Durgin Disanto 2013-11-16

Have you seen Exyph Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to burn up fat fast.

kanchan phuyal 2014-01-31

gorgeous and sexy

jon ping 2014-03-17

lol u were sexier before

Sam Y 2013-12-26

You're freaking sexy THICK 

Bruce Soto 4 days ago

I just wanted to say congratulations on the weight lost. Amazing I am currently 210 pounds and my goal weight is 145. Did you have a trainer? and did you change your eating style too? and ignore the ignorant assholes commenting because you did an amazing job making yourself comfortable in your skin. So GO YOU!

mandymp16 4 days ago

I would actually rather fuck you when you were big. But gj

Rain Cross 2014-06-11

you were much hotter back in the day

Bon Chawi 2014-03-09

"You look better on the left" (In reality dates girls that look like her at the right)

Sky onia 2014-06-29

Curves are sexy but your weight loss looks amazing and I know you feel better. How did you do it. You should be proud.

Dale Dietsch 2014-02-26

*.* . *.* Cool transformation *-* You really hit the problem areas that needs to properly get lost when trying to lose weight. Congrats! In my case, I effectively lost my belly fat through a natural appetite control regimen from Rush Nutrition.

Amanda Garcia 2014-05-29

how long did this take?

Sherie James 2014-05-23

Damn ur fineeeeee lol

LimeNationCuhh 2014-01-16

What kind of tips u'll give me if I want to weight 97-110 lbs?( I'm 4'11 ) right now I weight 120.8 lbs

msp animber 2014-06-10

@ Sam USA: my friend with the way and then she have lost over 40 pounds, 17 inches, 14.3% body fat, For additional information, look at here: *ToWeightlose. com*


Who cares if you touch your underwear to much??that doesnt make u slutty!! Ppl r just jealous

destiney gutierrez 7 days ago

Someone stole your video an put it on as if you lost weight using herbalife 

Nicolè Jones 2014-04-13

That is GREAT!

phillip birchfield 2014-05-06
Click Play to see how Laura
lost 42 lbs... so far!