Looked more womanly on the left. Looks like a ladyboy now. Congrats. Hope it was worth it

Delmo Hopkins 4 days ago

Im as big as you use to be, can you give me some tips on losing 20 pounds??

Haley Blackburn 2014-02-13

Great job!

Floyd V. Doc DeVore 2014-01-03

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Nicolè Jones 5 days ago

you were much hotter back in the day

Bon Chawi 2014-03-09

Curves are sexy but your weight loss looks amazing and I know you feel better. How did you do it. You should be proud.

Dale Dietsch 2014-02-26

Im 5'6 and 190 and when I look in the mirror I tink I look HUGE but everyone talks me differently. They say I look way smaller and never believe I weigh as much as I do. Lol I use to be anorexic/bulimic and weighed 123lbs. I looked very skeletal and ILL!! I want to lose at least 30lbs but I get scared that once I start losing weight I won't want to stop. Any suggestions? And please don't be mean nor rude. Thank you

Amanda Rodrriguez 7 days ago

190 lb??? I have seen 180lb girls looking much worse than your body. Are you sure you were 190lb? It looks like 160lb

Beauty 2014-03-02

Damn ur fineeeeee lol

LimeNationCuhh 2014-01-16

How tall r u

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How tall r u?

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Kamala Chaisir 2013-11-15

gorgeous and sexy

jon ping 2014-03-17

I actually don't mind the before too much, curvy.. mmm.

Ryan O 2014-02-10

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You go girl!!

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Lion's Laugh 2014-01-25

Wow!! You look incredible! Congratulations!

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Absolutely amazing!!

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