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Belly Fat Combat

What is bellyfatcombat?

Hello! Instead of going over the boring ole "where we come from" fluff, Weve decided to dig deep and give you our 5 core principles that we believe will burn off the most fat and keep it off. Sound good? :-)

5 Core Principles For Getting Rid Of Belly Fat For Good


Genetics definitely play a role in how you lose weight, and how quickly you lose weight. BUT, your genes can be turned on and off like light switches. They are controlled by your environment. If you give your body a good, positive environment to live in, free of fattening foods, artificial sweeteners, and stress, your genes will work with you to lose weight. On the other hand, if you are stressed to the max, an emotional basketcase, and eating lots of junk food, your genes will "make you fat" .


You are what you do, and you are what you eat. Its really true. If you sit on a couch all day and watch TV, chances are you will be overweight. Why? Because you adapt. If train for a marathon, over time, you will be able to run farther, you will lose weight because your body wont want to carry excess pounds while you are running distances, and your heart will become stronger. Why? Because you adapt. Understand this, and weight loss is a cinch :-)

2Track and Measure

We believe that the most successful people track their progress so that they can see the good and the bad. By doing this on a consistent basis, youll be able to tell what is holding you back and what is really working for you. Remember... plan your work and work your plan.

3Persistent Consistence

One of our core philosophies in life is persistency. You have to fail fast, fail often and see it as nothing but a learning experience to grow from. Then you jump back on the horse and do it again. If you fall off, pick yourself back up and get back on. Now, combine that with doing this over and over and over and over and over again and you will succeed. Especially if you have been tracking and monitoring. Be persistent and Be consistent. We have learned that all the little things that you do on a day to day basis add up. So if you exercise 3 days a week for 8 weeks, without missing a workout, your results will be better than if you exercise 2 times one week, 3 another, 1 the 3rd week because you were too "busy". Thats inconsistency and it will rob your results.


Another belief that our program adheres to is that you need to have a positive, optimistic weight loss mindset. You have to see what you want in your mind and set goals for it. Realize that life and specifically losing weight is about choices and each choice has consequences good or bad. In our program, its ok to have cheat days, or cheat meals here and there where you can enjoy the foods that you love. Thats actually a good choice because it will help you reduce stress. (More about that later) BUT if you make the choice of having a piece of chocolate cake every day, then you will have calorie consequences that will lead to weight gain.
Mindset... keep it strong and believe in yourself. We certainly believe you can do it and will be there to cheer you on all the way!!


And of course, last but not least, diet and exercise. We believe that both are necessary along with with your mindset for permanent weight loss. There is a fine balance between both diet and exercise. If you want to eat less strict, then you need to exercise more. If you want to exercise less, then your diet needs to be cleaner, and more strict. Do you know what the funny thing about this is? At first, it may seem hard to you but if you go back to persistent consistence and stick with it, what is hard will now become second nature and it wont really bother you. Yes, there is a point that youll hit where this will happen. Then it will become a habit, which will lead you to a healthier, fat burning lifestyle where you will feel great about your self and your accomplishments. Weve seen it happen a thousand times and are confident that you can do it too!

Well, those are the Belly Fat Combat Core Principles. Which is what we stand for. I hope that you found this interesting and feel free to pass it on to friends, coworkers or family members who could use some help.